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Condition Ratings

Condition Rating Disclaimer

The table below is in regards to product "Condition" ratings on goodppls LLC website. All items with a "Condition" rating of less than 10 indicate that the product being offered is in used condition. In addition, there may be letters such as "O", "C", "T", or otherwise which may indicate old, cosmetic, tear or other product condition label. These ratings may not be accurate and should not be used as a true or representative assessment of any listing. Please read our returns policy if you are not satisfied with any order from the goodppls LLC website.


 Condition Rating Product Defect
10 None detected
8-9 Cosmetic Damage (Tear, Dent, Mislabeled)
6-7 Short Dated (Best By Date, Old Item)
1-5 Product Integrity (Salvage, Buyer Beware)