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A time for all things

The New Year represents the collective hope for a better tomorrow. We hold on to this ideal, even though at times it seems that our lives have fallen much too short of our expectations, of what's right and just, of what's fair.

Life affords us a time to discuss injustice, a time to commiserate and sympathize with one another, and a time to grieve. I can only surmise that these must be important to our personal and communal development. If this time is used accordingly, it may allow the downtrodden to gain strength and ease the burden on the strong that continue to stand upright. For in due time, life will shoulder the strong with a burden that weakens them that they may have someone to turn to.

Thank you to the very few who supported GP in her infancy. Today, we opened our doors and she didn't even cry though strangers came near. Soon enough, I imagine she'll soften hearts, maybe change some minds and most importantly provide hope all year round. 

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